Quilt Poster

June 2, 2007

There was a request made for a poster of the Quilt Collaboration, so I got to work and put one together. The picture below is what the poster looks like and has been sized to 24″ x 30″.

Quilt Poster

1. Download it from Tony Smith’s website – thank you Tony! The downloaded file (approximately 7 MB) can then be saved to disk or you can go to your choice of online printers to have the poster printed.

http://www.amsmith.com/quilt/quiltposter2007.pdf or http://amsmith.com/quilt/quiltposter2007.jpg
To download on a pc, right click and Save As or Save Target As and save it someplace on your computer. Mac people are on their own for figuring out how to save it.

http://www.fullsizeposters.com/ is one option for online printers. Google poster printing for other options. For those living in Canada, Wal-Mart and Staples might be options to check into for printing to avoid postage from the US.

2. Order from the following Storefront, which is set up with the file already uploaded and posters ready to order. All you have to do is tell it what one dimension you want is and it will adjust the other dimension. For example: you want your poster to be 16 x 20, type in 16 for the width and it will automatically format the height to the correct size.

http://www.automatedphototechnology.com/cgi-bin/guest2.pl?I198 At the first two screens, just click on the poster picture. On the third screen, click on the Order Prints button. Do NOT choose Crop to Size.


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