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November 28, 2007

I have been in contact with the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Foundation (located in Spokane, WA) with their Director of Annual Giving, Brindy Roosa, to see if the Children’s Hospital might be interested in receiving our quilt as a donation.  After talking with their Executive Director, Vice President and Marketing Director, she said they are very excited about receiving this gift. 

They want to make sure that this gift has a special place and not just placed in a hallway – they want it to be placed in a destination spot where people go specifically to look at it. I toured the hospital last week with Brindy and we picked out a spot as you enter the NICU, which has a homey theme with a quilt framed on the wall, a tree with leaves, each containing a photo of a baby who was in the NICU,  and a family room that looked like a cottage at the entry doors, etc. 

Brindy had asked earlier if the quilt would be placed behind something protective so the children would not be able to touch it. I told her it was going to be very textural and that the children would be welcomed to touch – I’ll place the safest to touch pieces down low.  During their decision making process, they had taken a look at this blog and read about some of the pieces and asked if there would be something about each piece that people would be able to read since they are also about education, which I had mentioned in my contact email. I told her I’d be happy to put something together. I was thinking a world map that shows where everybody is from might be fun to include. They (the Vice President, Marketing Director, and Executive Director, plus herself) very much enjoyed looking at the blog, clicking on individual pictures and reading your thoughts.

The Children’s Hospital just opened up in 2002. They are the only children’s hospital between Seattle and Minneapolis – in a straight line between the two points (the hospital confirmed this for me). They are growing and will be doing some construction in the next few years and would like to build a special spot for the quilt – so the placement of the quilt now is possibly a temporary location. They are also willing to place a plaque listing everybody’s name who participated in this project.

If you’d like to learn more about Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, click here.  There will be more updates was we get closer to an unveiling, which we are hoping will take place in January.

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