Barbara J. Cashman


When approached with this element-themed project, I decided to combine the elements of earth, fire, water and air into one….the Rainbow, which really contains everything:  Water, to give it substance; Air to give it a canvas; Fire to give it brilliance; and Earth to give it anchor.  Combining the colors of the rainbow just made me happy, and content in the knowledge that the rainbow and I held promise.  So, I offer the Rainbow, as a symbol of Hope for my home, my world and all who inhabit it.

How To:  The piece is simpy Bullseye glass and frit, tack fused on a clear base. Barbara J. Cashman
Greensboro NC


  1. Barbara,

    Your piece is so colorful and happy, which is how a rainbow makes me feel. Your piece is very representational I think, with each of the colors signifying a different aspect of the elements. I like looking at it – want to reach out and feel the texture. Good job!


  2. I love the brightness of this! It really looks like a quilt piece!

  3. Barbara, your tile is so full of joy! The rainbow border frames it well and reminds me of jewels surrounding the design. The smaller ‘four patch’ atop the yellow base is a great focal point. Looking at your tile is a fun way to start my day.

  4. Barbara,

    I like the use of color, and the idea of a rainbow, and how it represents the four elements.
    I like your use of texture,

    Susan B

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