Cathy Hurley


I chose to do a landscape theme to incorporate the four components of earth, wind, fire and water. I recently took a class on fritography and utilized the layering of frit and larger pieces of scrap glass in a SS dam. I would actually like to add a few more layers to add depth and detail, but I ran out of time!


  1. Cathy,

    I think you took your class seriously! This is a great job, and I especially like how you did the water – you can almost see the water moving within the piece.


  2. Cathy,

    It looks like you did use powder to add interest to the water. The water is very nicely done, and I like the movement of your land.
    I really like layering frits, hammered glass and powders to add visual interest to water.
    Very nicely done.

    Susan B

  3. Cathy, when I look at your tile, I can visualize not only the water flowing, but the mountains dancing! My eye goes straight to the warmth of the sun, then the texture of your frit leads me to the water & almost out of the tile, but the foreground pulls me right back in & back up to the sun again. Good composition!

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