Charles R. Hall

My tile was made with the idea to incorporate the elements of wind and water.  It is my adaptation of the Hokusai woodblock print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.”   This image is possibly the most famous, and most often reproduced item of Japanese art.  It is also a personal favorite of mine, and one that I have tried in a variety of glass mediums. 

This tile is produced with gold and silver foil, overlapped, then etched out to delineate the image.  White frit was used for the small water spray pieces.  Capped with clear glass, and bordered with black to give it a scroll appearance.

Artist’s Statement:  I like to make things.

Charles Hall


  1. Charles,

    I think I might have said this in an email I sent you, but I really like this piece. Foils are difficult for me and you did a great job with this one. Plus I like your statement. 🙂


  2. I saw a very large print of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” yesterday. Knowing you did this piece I took a closer look at the print. You captured the wave and the movement perfectly. Great job!


  3. Charles, I keep on coming back to look at your tile. I really like what you accomplished with the foil and I also like your statement. It is so true that you like to make things, I am happy to have 2 beautiful pieces of yours.

  4. Charles
    I really love your work. The fine blue line separating the gold and silver foil is perfectly effective. It is beautiful to look at and your passion for making things shows.

    I love to look at the things you like to make. You can keep on making things that you like and liking things that you make.

    Susan L

  5. Charles
    very nice the subtle differences in the silver and gold foil is very effective. I did a lot with this image and high school kids you did it beautifully. Janet

  6. Charles
    You said it your shelf “you like to make things” and you do and you do it well.


  7. Charles,

    Waves, what wonderful things. I keep returning to them, and looking at them whenever possible.
    You have captured “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” quite nicely. I would really like to see this one in person.

    Susan B

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