Cynthia Morgan

Title: Windwoman
Element: Air
Process: Pate de verre
Size: 8″ x 8″ tile, 2.5″ to 2″ thick

Materials used
Glass: Bullseye Powder (08) frit (primarily Crystal Clear, Pimento Red and Olive Smoke with accents of Medium Amber, Woodland Brown, Translucent White, Powder Blue). Glass powder mixed with CMC and applied to steep sides of mold; otherwise dry-packed powder. Medium BE Clear frit used to pack back of mold to preserve translucency.

Modeling: Hanaki porcelain clay over a styrofoam core
Mold: Open-faced mold using Ransom & Randolph 910 investment

Artist’s statement
The wind pounced on the old woman huddled tightly in her sari, as she guarded her eyes against the blowing sands. It tore free the bright fabric and spun it to the skies, a mad scarlet tangle that leaped and whipped and taunted. Silently, she waited for the wind to grow bored, to spend its rage against the silk and leave her in peace.


  1. Cynthia,

    I keep coming back to look at your piece, marveling at the skill, time, depth, detail, etc. that you achieved with this piece. My son got a sneak peak a couple of days ago and he was extremely impressed with your work – and he is hard to impress! You also tackled the hardest element to portray and you did quite well with it.

    Nicely done!


  2. Cynthia,
    I keep coming back to look at your tile. It is absolutely amazing. I love the detail, the colors and almost can feel the wind tearing on the sari.
    Congratulation on a piece so incredible executed; it makes me longing to touch it.

  3. I’m in awe of this piece. I wish I could see it in person.

  4. Cynthia, your block is certainly the most emotionally moving piece of all the blocks. The strength of the wind vs. the endurance of the woman. Your story-statement fits perfectly. It could almost be the first paragraph of a good novel with your woman at the center.

  5. What a fabulous idea, and a perfect execution. I can just imagine the poor woman struggling against the wind.

    Barb R

  6. Cynthia, this work so alive – just a visual feast. Without reading the narrative to know it’s a sand storm, it “feels” like a blustery cold day with frost or snow flurries.

  7. Cynthia so powerful I love the piece, her feet firmly on the ground love it. Janet

  8. Cynthia, your tile is incredible. The color, detail, emotion…you captured the texture of fabric in glass! It’s wonderful.

  9. Cynthia, Congrats on a job well done! This is an amazing piece.


  10. Cynthia,

    I can only agree with all the other comments.
    What a wonderful piece,

    Susan B

  11. Thanks to all who have commented; your comments are much appreciated. I really enjoyed collaborating on this quilt, and to see so many wonderful themed works is really inspiring!

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