Deborah Lewis

“Dancing Inferno” 

How To

For this piece I used 1/4 inch wide Spectrum and Uroborus 96 opal glass strips on edge.  I varied the length and patterns  to achieve the randomness of fire.  It was fused using the flip and fire method, intending to use the “bottom” as the “top.”  After viewing both sides I decided the “down” side was too straight-I instead used the upper side which showed slight subtleties in the lines from  fusing.

I added some flameworked canes of the same glasses to the top using a contour fuse to add a some dimension and fun.  I originally intended to use some really nice straight canes but again, they were “too” straight.  I instead pulled some of them and bent them to achieve some graceful lines.   I let them fall “outside the lines” to keep the piece from being too harsh.


For my “fire” piece I tried to instill the strength of fire yet show its gracefulness. The straight bold lines represent the force and power of fire while the flameworked canes on top add the subtle beauty and living  state  of fire.  These top pieces fall outside the lines to represent  the spread of fire into new areas.


  1. Deb,

    You nailed fire with this piece! Great job!


  2. Excellent use of the flamework canes, especially the blue/white that provides just the right amount of contrast.


  3. My first thought was that this resembled all of the candles on my last birthday cake, right before the smoke alarm went off 😐

    The use of the canes really make the fire look alive. You did a great job!

  4. Deb,
    As the picture was scrolling down, it also struck me as
    a city burning.

    You have captured the essence of fire beautifully.

  5. I hope you pursue this theme some more. Very intriguing. Thanks,


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