Janet McFadyen

My Quilt Collaboration piece is an underwater scene of the Pacific north coast.  It’s a bas relief using pate de verre and liquid stringer techniques I have been learning recently (very recently).  The edges are 1/4 ” thick for easy framing and the thickest part is 1″  in the leaves.  It is hard to see in the photo but the shells are ridged as real shells would be.  The fish mostly got lost in the left hand corner they were precast  pate de verre and placed within the mold, the frit washed them out, the one fish down near the base of the plants worked well showing scales and the eye as it was a pate de verre right into the final mold.   It didn’t have room to move.   I learned a lot and am fairly pleased with the result.


  1. Janet,
    I really like this piece. You did a great job capturing life underwater. It is amazing how similar your piece is to Peggy Shashy’s, yet so very different. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

  2. I love the texture and detail of all the little sea creatures! There’s so much little detail I find something different every time I come back to it.

  3. This really does look as if it’s under water. The texture, the colors, the shine, and I love the little creatures. You did a wonderful job!


  4. You know each time I look at this I see it differently..It is really neat. You can tell it is multi layers..not a flat compostion..it is 3d excellent work. Makes me want to take my work to the next level…

  5. Janet,

    This is a piece which I would like to see in real time. It looks like it is very nicely done, and that there is a lot of texture.

    Susan B

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