Kate Vickery

Theme and How-to:

I took on all four elements in this tile.  Starting in the East, as is traditional, the pale yellow and amber represent the element air.  To the South, pink and mauve represent the element fire.  To the west, pale blue and turquoise represent the element water.  And last but not least, to the North, greens represent the element earth.  In between, a smattering of cosmic dust links each element.

The construction was very simple – I wanted the glass to speak for itself.  This is simply spectrum glass on a clear base, with frit between each of the colored segments.  Fired once to full fuse.


  1. Kate,

    You achieved your goal with this one and simple works in this case! Good job!


  2. Kate,

    Nice geometric representation. Good use of color, and I like the smattering of cosmic dust.

    I would love to have a quilt pieced together using this as my basic quilt block.

    Susan B

  3. Kate,
    Congratulations on being part of such a creative process. As always, your glass expression is inspiring. I particularly like the smattering of cosmic dust!

  4. Kate – to me, this has the seven directions from my vision quest experience. Above and below are represented by the two colors of cosmic dust, and within is where all comes to the point in the center. A wonderful contribution to an outstanding project! Thanks, Joyce

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