Kathy Jenkins

Process and Materials for Paddling Along by Kathy Jenkins

This piece was done using the double irid method that I learned from Brock Craig last year.  Although he always uses black iridized glass since it really makes the colors pop, I decided since I choose to represent water that I would use a deep blue iridized glass.   This piece is a ¼ inch thick 8x 8 with one piece of Bullseye Deep Royal Blue rainbow iridized  and one piece of  Bullseye clear rainbow iridized.  Each piece was covered with sandblast resist and the turtle image was cut out of the resist on the blue glass as well as the edges of both pieces so the edges would fuse together.  I then sandblasted off the metal coating in areas cut on both pieces and removed the resist and cleaned the glass well.  The two iridized sides were put together facing each other and it was put in the kiln and taken to full fuse with a very slow ramp through 1100 – 1300 to insure that no bubbles were trapped in the sandblasted area.  The piece then came out and the edges will be finished on a wet belt sander (before it gets to you).  It was a fairly easy piece but I love the crinkled look you get when the two metals fight each other and don’t want to fuse together.

Artist Statement

When I read that earth, air, water, and fire was the theme for the collaboration I knew that I would depict water.  I love the water and love to swim so it was a natural for me.  I also have a love and deep respect for sea turtles.   I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to swim and snorkel with these beautiful animals on many occasions and hope to be able to do it again many times in the future.  My house is filled with sea turtles, in pictures, paintings, glass, sculpture, etc.  My husband started to count them one day and gave up when he got to 100.  I am happy to submit this little guy for the collaboration and my husband will be happy there is one less sea turtle in our house.


  1. Kathy,

    Very skillful use of the double irid technique. I love the ocean and sea turtles and you captured this perfectly. (I seem to really like the word “captured”, but it works!) Good job!


  2. Kathy your turtle is magic he looks like he is swimming, and what a look of tranquility on his face.
    I love him or her.

  3. Kathy,
    I on the other hand really like the words “wonderful” and “nicely done”, both of which apply to this piece.

    I like your choice of the double irid technique. And the fact that the turle really seems to be swimming.

    Susan B

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