Lauri Levanto

The element I chose was Water. For a year I have been experimenting with the theme Ice. So it was natural to continue that series.

The glass is BE 1807 Green tint over Tekta.

The lines were cut and the spaces filled back with crushed pieces. All tack fused.



  1. Dear Lauri, congratulations for the beautiful work!

  2. Lauri,

    You nailed Ice with this piece. I feel a chill in the air looking at it. 🙂


  3. Hi Lauri,

    I think your glassart is wonderfull. Very thin like water, that’s what I inmediately thought. And I would love to know how to work with glass. Maybe I’ll try some day.
    The quilt is such a good idea…..
    Lots of succes to all glassartists.
    Els. (miniartexchange)

  4. Lauri,

    Nicely done! I like the green on green look, and the visual texture. I think it captures the idea of ice very nicely.

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