Lib Elder

Fire, Water and Wind, Earth submitted by Lib Elder

How To:

The glass is all BE- one 8×8 square of white, capped with art elements which had been cut from BE thin using a ring saw.  For the fire, lay orange on top of the yellow flame; for the Hurricane logo, cut the black and red pieces to interlock; for the earth, cut the heart shape and lay the green continents, cut from Aventurine green, on top.

Firing Schedule:

300/hr to 960, hold :30

300/hr. to 1450, hold :30

200/hr. to 960, hold :30

200/hr. to 600, off

About the piece:

The original inspiration for the piece was a desire to make the Hurricanes logo in glass; I lived at the North Carolina coast for many years and have tremendous respect for the power of a hurricane, add to that my support of the Carolina Hurricanes NHL franchise and it seemed a natural to me once the theme of the collaborative was determined. 

Thinking along those lines, I found myself considering the awesome power of nature; hurricanes manifesting only two of her elements.  This in turn led me to think of both the healing and destructive power of fire, and that led me to considering the nature of our relationship with a loving Mother Earth, caring for us as she is under our care, and our interdependence with one another.  As Mother Nature can nurture or destroy us, so do we wield that power over her; something we must become more mindful of to ensure a balanced and peaceful future for us all.


  1. Lib,

    I totally cannot relate to the NHL Hurricane’s thing :P, but you certainly did it right. I really like this piece. Nicely done!


  2. i love your earth in the shape of a heart…i think it could be a logo for something…my co-worker looked at your tile and said “it looks like the eye of a hurricane” and she claims she knows nothing about art…she got your tile ….good job.

  3. Lib,

    A very nice graphic look to this design.
    I like your representation of the various elements, and I really admire a person with the patience to cut pieces with a ring saw.

    Susan B

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