Peggy Shashy

I used water being from Florida. I did two pot melts and incorporated those in the glass. I broke up the darker melt and refused with mica and glass powder to make up a coral outline. The other pot melt I used as the coral pieces on the lower right. I also incorporated the freeze and fuse technique to tack fuse the seahorse and sea shells. All other pieces were full fused along with some painting with glass powder. Sorry the lighting is not that great but I really like the piece.


  1. I love the detail in this. Everytime I look at it I see something new.

  2. I just love the way that you put it all together; the colors/all of the detail/each time you see a different color or detail that you might have missed before.

  3. I love it!
    It has a really organic feel to it and definitely the ‘WOW’ factor.

  4. Peggy,

    I love this. I wish I could have it. You know how much I love seahorses. This is one of your best pieces. LOVE IT!!!

  5. Peggy,

    Like others, I see something new everytime I come back and look. Nice job!


  6. Wow, your work has come a long way. The piece is very nice. Great idea to do the quilt. Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow! I am really impressed. It’s beautiful. You never told me you were an artist. I should have known. Wonderful work.

  8. I like the texture in the coral.
    Very organic, interesting, and I wish I could do that.

  9. Beautiful underwater . The coral is very effective.

  10. Pegstir!!!!

    FAB U LOUS!!! Not sure how you achieve this piece of sheer artistry.

    Can you do another (is this similar to stain glass)?

    This would be perfect to the Les Chevaille de la Mer (The Horses of the Sea) for Seahorse Circle in Gulf Shores.

    Already, I have one of Peggy Shashy’s crowning seashells of a mirror that is displayed in the “Mermaid” room. Do you remember?

    Almost completely done —- MUST come for a visit whenever you can break free and definatley prior to the “H” word.

    Love, it love, love it!!!

    TO may talented “cous”


  11. I saw the piece when you were working on it & thought it was cute…the whole quilt idea is great. We’ll have to go see it when it’s installed somewhere. Great work!!

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