Stacey Reed

Gravel Art

Earth: Taurus

Air: Libra

Fire: Aries

Water: Cancer

How to:  

All materials are Bullseye Tekta and frit.  Black lines are liquid stringer.

I outlined the drawing in liquid stringer, filled with frit, tack fused.  Flipped and fired to full fuse.   Traced over black line again with liquid stringer, filled with fine frit, added medium frit to inside of design.  Tack fused.

I have a problem with glass volume, so I full fused the background to give me extra coverage.  It probably wasn’t needed.


I had six other drawings, more intricate and detailed, but I kept coming back to this.  I’m very drawn to the retro look, lately.

I came across a “gravel art” kit from the 60’s and presumed I could reproduce the look in glass.  I wanted to keep it retro so I drew the Western zodiac figures into a retro design. 

I love the bold colors and simple designs of mid-century art.  The look is clean, yet funky and fun.


  1. I so love this! I do remember doing gravel art as a kid – and I love the design, and the simplicity.

    Barb R

  2. Stacey,

    I want to touch this piece. Barb is right – sand art is exactly what it reminds me of. Love the design and use of color.


  3. Stacey,

    Your piece is one of my favorites. You know when you see a big piece of cheese cake and you just have to have it. This one is the same, just gotta have it. Good job.


  4. Very well-balanced approach to capturing all the elements. Nice work – from color choice to execution.

  5. Stacey I keep looking at you bright colours and excellent design in the pebble art theme..very nice.

  6. Stacey,

    A very strong design.
    I like this piece alot.

    And you captured my thoughts well with ….
    “I love the bold colors and simple designs of mid-century art. The look is clean, yet funky and fun.”

    Susan B

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