Sue Hunchuk

Sue Hunchuk
Artist Statement

As a small child I was introduced to the fascinating world of glass when my parents took me on a tour of a pop bottle plant.  They also took me to a glass blower and in those days it was very rare to see a glass blower in our neck of the woods.

In the late 70’s I took my first glass course in stain glass. Since then I have done every aspect of the medium. In 2005 I took a class in fused glass, which I have always had an interest in.

Since then my “world” has exploded with this medium. 

My father is extremely interested in NASA, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station and all their explorations.  This last Christmas, our family supper was put on hold as he had us all outside, only to see the International Space Station orbit overhead.  He knew it was the closest it would be to the earth and had calculated when it would be over top of our home.…it was truly a unique experience.

I chose the element Earth for my tile.  And my goal was to try and simulate the view of the earth from the window of the space shuttle. I call it “Coming Home”.  Within the composition I was able to include the elements..earth, air, water..and there is a little bit of brown…so I am assuming that there was a forest fire somewhere on earth so…got the fire element too…

I used quite a few techniques to construct the tile. Potmelt, inclusion, stringers, frit. It is 3 layers thick, and some of the pieces have been fired 3 or more times. It was a great exercise.

First I did a pot melt and cut off the part I wanted for the earth.

Then I fused the frame which is suppose to be the window frame of the shuttle. The frame is two layers and the logo was made by bending stringers with a candle, then it was full fused. 

Next I did the centre with two layers of glass with frit between the two layers and on top to give the feeling of depth for the atmosphere. 

Then it was all layered and full fused to become the tile.


  1. I just wanted to say that i love this piece of art that you did. you are a very talented person and i am proud to be your neice. So Good job i love it and i think that it is totally beautiful.

    lots of love

  2. All my life I realized my younger sister had such extordanary skills and visions,and it progressed into her art of pottery and now her glass fusion. She is such a sweetheart,in my eyes anyways, that her work shows ,”WHO SHE IS, AND WHAT SHE IS”,and her concept in art appeals to almost everone.
    Love ya sis….keep it going.

  3. This is a very nice tribute to your father. It brought back some childhood memories for me. Thank you!


  4. This is one of my favorites.

    It brings back some childhood memories.
    My dad, too, hauled us out into the back yard to watch the satellites pass over in the early days of NASA.
    Crisp summer nights, black black sky filled with tiny points of light, one or two fast moving specks.

    The earth is nicely captured in the pot melt.
    I like the bending of the window frame caused by the earth.

  5. Sue,
    When I view your tile I feel I’m in the shuttle looking at earth. I love the swirly pattern & colors of the pot melt you chose for your planet.

  6. I just discovered the poster on the Warm Glass page and want you to know your piece does look like the Earth from space. I used to work with a lady whose brother was an astronaut and this really looks like the photos he took (but even prettier!) Kudos!

  7. What a FABULOUS memory to have and this is such a FANTASTIC piece. I’m sure when this is installed everyone will enjoy seeing space – you did a GREAT job!!!

  8. What a great contribution to the glass quilt project! So excited you shared the steps toward the unveiling! Congratulations, Sue! Glad to be your artist friend from across the lake!

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