Susan Bradshaw

Sun on White

Transparent yellows and oranges, opal blue, frits and powders fused onto opaque white glass base.

Artist’s Statement

The sun

full of warmth and light

someone else’s star at night.


  1. Susan,

    Your piece was the first one submitted and it started out as a definite favorite and has stayed that way. Your design is well thought out and you definitely captured the essence of the fiery sun.

    Well done!


  2. Great color blending, especially with the feel of texture.


  3. This is my favorite out of all the quilt blocks! You caught the heat of the sun perfectly.

  4. I love the depth you created using a transparent/opal mixture. I have an overwhelming urge to touch it. It’s very nice!

  5. Susan, when I first saw this, I thought “sweating sun.” How much more perfect can you get to emulate fire? I really like this tile!

  6. I love the brightness you created with the glass you choose. You can feel the warmth and almost see the flames move…very nicely done

    sue hunchuk

  7. Susan, this is fun! Bright, colorful, textured, I love looking at your tile, it makes me smile.

  8. Hi Susan – this is really a beautiful piece! Congratulations!

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