Susan Loubser

Susan’s Dream Glass Studio:   “The 4 Elements:”  

The earth, sun, wind and water are inextricably linked with mankind. Life on earth cannot exist without all these elements having an influence on each other.

This is all of CREATION: The four Elements are the WHOLE and the WHOLE is mirrored in the four Elements.

The four Elements stand for creation itself. They are the Corner Stones of Creation, because they are in everything. They are Principles of Being, and so they are part of macrocosm, and micro-cosm, and of us. In the material plain they are physical basis for life, and at the same time they have the power of the most terrible destruction.

The Element FIRE

FIRE is the element with the highest vibrations. It is the only element with the power of transformation. All the other elements have only clearing and cleaning power. In the Christian world the Archangel MICHAEL is the Guardian of the Element FIRE.

One of the symbols of FIRE is the sun, symbol for FIRE in its highest perfection. The sun stands for: Radiating light, unconditional giving, creative energy, warmth, material fire.

But when fire gets out of control, is has enormous destructive powers, and then the fire can kill life and destroy forests, fields and cities.  Fire has always fascinated man. Especially lightning roused their fear – it hit, it killed and caused fires, and because of the sudden strikes nobody could foresee nor avoid, they took it as an expression of an irate god or of divine punishment.

We know the power of destruction the eruptions of volcanoes have, like the eruption that destroyed the isle of Krakatau in ancient times, with a power equal to an atomic bomb, with burning liquid lava destroying all life around. And each summer we see the pictures on TV, showing the catastrophes of burning woods and fields because of draught, often enough ignited on purpose.

I now attuned to the Element FIRE and asked Him, what He could say about Himself:

‘I am burning and devouring, destructing and preparing the ground for new life. I am transformation – LIGHT – as you can see it in the world of matter – I am SUN – I am LIFE – I am POWER. Do not approach me, MAN! You may have the illusion to control me, but I am helping you only as long as I WANT IT.  

The Element WATER

WATER is a cleaning power. The Archangel GABRIEL is Guardian of the Element WATER.

Water is vital for life on earth, and there is hardly any life that can exist without water (a possible exception may be microbeings within the rocks: but perhaps even they need minimal traces of water). Water itself is basis for numerous forms of life, and also human beings can only exist in places with sufficient water for their needs. 

Water has an enormous power that man used to operate mills in former times, today for producing electricity by means of dams. But water also has a terrible power of destruction; gigantic tidal waves and floods, and heavy rain that can turn a peaceful brook into a roaring river, tearing down rocks, earth and houses including man himself…

Animals and man cleanse themselves with water, the animals with their tongues and their watery saliva, the humans by washing themselves, their clothes, their cars and their places of living with water. The last couple of centuries water has also been used in huge quantities in the production process in factories, but then man has been letting the waste flow back into the rivers, streams and oceans, leaving it poisoned, dead and devastated, therefore damaging nature and causing irreparable devastation.

I now attuned to the Element WATER and asked Her, what She could say about Herself:

‘I am flowing – I am flowing – from here to there – from there to here – moving endlessly. Constant motion is my aim – change and  renewal my way – my purpose is SHAPING, CREATING, ACTION in a formative WAY – will not be quiet, because standing still is the end. Do not hold me back, do not stop me, my flow is JOY, rigidity is death. I am holding in myself Eminence and Chaos, formative power and silence. I am flowing LIGHT.

The Element EARTH

The ‘Element EARTH’ means matter. So the element EARTH shows in minerals, like stones, crystals e.a., but also in wood, metal, in the soil, in the dust, flesh and blood, hair, in vegetable substance and many more. The ‘Element EARTH’ is part of the material bodies of all living beings on this planet, and of the material body and substance of our planet.

Mother EARTH rules the four Elements of Her planetary body. She is NATURE’s MOTHER. She feeds all Her children, the living beings on EARTH. She also provides them with health. The guardians of the Element EARTH are Archangels URIEL and HANIEL.

The Element EARTH stands for matter, money, property, food, but in an abstract meaning also for stability, weight, protecting darkness, the mother principle, security, for the mother providing for Her children. Earth has cleaning power, because microorganisms of soil transforms dead organic material and poisonous substances into fertile soil which brings forth new life, new nourishment. 

Like the other elements, EARTH has the power for terrible destruction, too, in earthquakes and devastating landslides, burying villages and towns.

Having attuned to the Element EARTH, I heard Her say: 

‘I am solid and I AM – yet I am steadily in motion. My movements seem slow – but they are able to overrun you with unleashed, formative power. No human can escape my movements, when they get out of control – yet I apparently offer you a strong basis, a solid ground to carry my children. It is my assignment to care for undeveloped life and to serve its advancement as a mother – and I am advancing accordingly.

The Element AIR

AIR is also a cleaning power. AIR sweeps away everything old, stinking and musty, bringing freshness and sweetness, not only in the physical and non-physical realms, but also in a figurative sense. A symbol for the principle AIR are wings, as a metaphor of the immaterial, and they also stand for thoughts, the mental power, the intellect, also for communication, freedom, wideness, boundlessness, as well as the spiritual, the heavenly realm. 
The Archangel RAPHAEL is the Guardian of the Element AIR.

AIR makes most forms of life on EARTH possible, providing the oxygen they need.

In a polaric sense, AIR, this source of life, can also be a terrible force of destruction, when out of control – we call this force: hurricane, storm, tornado…  Man is destroying the protecting and life-giving air shield of earth by exhaust fumes, poisonous gasses and contamination of the air by spray cans, etc. Global warming is slowly destroying everything that man holds dear on earth, including life-giving air. Like all the other sins against life in general man has to answer for, his motivation for destroying this precious air shield is greed and power.

Having attuned to the Element AIR, I heard Him say:

‘Blow – blow – winds – storm! – I am eternally flowing element, am airy LIGHT, related to SPIRIT, from where I come, and also to WATER. I nourish the flame, making it blaze, without me the fire must die. I am bringing LIFE and connect the sky and the earth, as well as HEAVEN and EARTH, just as you are connecting HEAVEN and EARTH by means of your breath, my gift to you.   


I followed through on my magless-idea by using twisties, glass and frit in my collaboration project.

All glass used was Bullseye.

I used green opal glass for the earth’s basic shape, with spring green frit to shape the different continents. I used a twisty as focal point for each continent without losing the basic shape of each. The blue-green of the glass made a perfect oceanic backdrop.

The sun shines warm and bright on the ocean water, creating warmer and calmer water that is depicted by using a warmer blue for the water colour. The wind blows strongly on the water, creating a turbulent, dark blue ocean. This is shown in the turbulent waves.

The different colours in the sun show the various heat sectors within the sun. The rays of the sun are made more intense by using twisties that give a three-dimensional effect.


  1. Susan, I really like your tile but what intrigued me is actually your feeling and poetic aproach of the four elements. And it makes me come back and re-read it again.

  2. Susan,

    I think you should continue to explore this technique. I like your use of the twisties. They allow you to achieve a look that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Nice Job!


  3. Susan,

    I like the use of twisties, to add to the movement in your piece. I especially like the two upper corner elements. The green earth calls many images to my mind. Embronic, is one. A green fish swimming down into the water is another.

    Susan B

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