Terry Curtis

“Red Cliffs”

The element is “earth” and the piece is “Red Cliffs” for the striations in the center melts as well as those caused by the FV strips. Terry Curtis


  1. The colors of the potmelt are gorgeous. The whole piece reminds me of of the area where I grew up. Very nice!

  2. Terry,

    I was immediately drawn to your piece, because of your use of my favorite technique. It is very nicely done and an excellent choice of potmelt pieces, which you’ve set off very nicely with the FV. I like it!!


  3. A stand out among the rest of great pieces- beautiful!!

  4. MY sister is an artistic genius!!!!!!

  5. Wow!! our daughter, the artist!!

  6. Terry as usual everything you do comes out beautiful. You are so talented. Ele

  7. Beautiful! I checked out all the others. No doubt in my mind which one was outstanding. Great work.

  8. Terry, your work always impresses me with the simplicity and elegance you mark your work with. Thanks so much for joining the quilt group.

    Your not-so-secret admirer…Faye

  9. I also see elements of Mars in the center pieces.
    Nicely done.

  10. What can I say except…Magnifique!

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