Tony Smith



There is a point where the fires of the heart morph into the fires of hell… where pillars of fire overtake passion which turns to anger and bitterness. This is the confluence of love and hate, passion and revulsion, attraction and resentment… this is hell.


This piece is two layers of fully fused glass with a third layer of contour fused glass and powder. Enamels provide the flame accents while the silhouettes are sandblasted and fired to a low-temperature to retain the matte finish.


Tony Smith

Blasted Glass! Studio



  1. Tony,
    A conceptual piece, that has thought and leaves the
    viewer wondering what it all means. Why the pink line in the center, such tenderness with all the intensity.
    The center reminds me of a volcano exploding. You put emotions into this piece.

  2. Tony,

    Claudia is right – lots of thought and emotion were put into this piece. I think I need to come take a sandblasting lesson. Nicely done, Tony.


  3. Tony,

    An interesting piece that leave me somewhat unsettled, and uncomfortable. Maybe that is what Hell is all about.

    Nice use of matte against shiny.

    Susan B

  4. yes…I felt the same way, a little unsettled…then a co-worker said that you captured how she feels when she has “heartburn”

    Sue Hunchuk

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