WGBB Glass Quilt Collaboration

May 5, 2007

Born from an idea tossed out on the Warm Glass Bulletin Board, 32 artists joined together in a collaborative effort to create a crazy quilt made of glass tiles. The theme chosen for the quilt is Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The hope is that this virtual quilt will become a reality with a permanent home in a gallery, museum, or university.

The artists were given no constraints other than keeping their tile to an 8″ x 8″ size.  Pieces range from a single layer of glass up to 2 1/2″ thick.  Artists could choose to interpret one element or all four elements in a single tile.  Most participants chose to represent all four of the elements, with water coming in second.  Only two people were brave enough to portray air, with five people portraying fire in their piece. 

This is an international collaborative effort with artists from South Africa, Finland, Northern Ireland, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada and Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, California, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, Massachusetts, Florida, plus others, in the United States.

Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done! 

Toni Johnson, Coordinator

I present Earth, Air, Water and Fire:

Click on the individual pieces below to be taken to that artist’s page for a closer look at their work, how-to’s and statement about their piece.





























Lib Elder















  1. Congrats to all who has participated. Well done and it is a wonderful quilt. Cynthia Morgan’s “Wind Women” is fantastic and the butterflies are precious as are many other pieces. I Love this project very much. Leslie

  2. Super Work – Fantastic Idea – The work portrayed is a wonderful expression of creative spirit.
    Monika Libor: It is great to see that your style is still as amazing – in fact even better – as your work still displayed in Bray!
    To all of you: Keep up the great work – we’ll keep watching!
    Love, Light and Peace to all from Ireland

  3. Can you make a poster of this grouping?

    This is fantastic.

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